Thank you:

–Oberlin College Archives & Library: Ken Grossi, Julie Weir, Ed Vermue, and

   Dr. Roland Baumann

–Oberlin Heritage Center

–Fugitive Slave Chapel Preservation Project

–Amistad Research Center, Tulane University

–London Public Library

–Archives and Regional Collections Centre, University of Western Ontario

–RBC Fund for Community-based Learning at Huron

–John and Gail MacNaughton Prize for Excellence in Teaching

–Dr. Carol Faulkner, Syracuse University

–Historians Against Slavery

–Danica Oliva


Class Project Credits 2016:

Research: Millie Currie, Clara Tuckey, Amy Levin, and Dylan Nutbrown.

Map: Charles-Erik Richer La Fleche, Jamie Davidson

Transcriptions: J.R. Ennis, Charlie Sandler, David Wood

Communications: Elizabeth Larabie, Madison Rodness


Class Project Credits 2015:

Website: Ira Lehtovaara, David Martin, Megan McPhaden, Haley Miller, Shifa Redmond, and Blake Riddoch.

Research: Josh Bleiweis, Chelsea Caeiro, Craig Charteris, Russell Handelman, Jay Hebert, David Korn, Hannah Maitland, Judy McCarty, Ava Olds, Connor Piszel, Andreina Ravenstein, Sam Robins, Andrew Ross, and Emily Wood.

Event: Megan Hertner, Elizabeth Jackson, Christopher Kelly.

Communications: Matthew Baker, Travis Hubble, Ahmed Ismail, Timur Malik, and Lauren Scratch.