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CURL is hiring 2 student assistants!

Top up those resumés, pull out that pantsuit, and compose (cringe through?) that cover letter: CURL is hiring!
*Disclaimer: neither pantsuits nor cringing are actually required for these positions. In fact, a stone-like level of cringe tolerance would be helpful for when we make bad jokes. Like this one.

We have 2 positions available with a range of online and in-person roles. Check them out and send any questions our way at curl@uwo.ca! We’re excited to meet you!

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Applications are due at 11:59PM on Sunday, Oct. 1. Zoom interviews are expected to take place the first and second week of October.

Roles Available

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Student Ambassador - In-Person Role

Student Ambassador Job Description & Application Instructions (opens in a new window)

You’d help CURL by developing events and presentations that share our services with students—and you’d collect their feedback so we can serve them better next year. During conference season, you would help to manage a small group of volunteers. We’ll support your endeavours with event recruitment, faculty connections, and ads!

As the quintessential gathering host, your social skills have collected you a lot of similes: cool as a cucumber, smooth as silk, welcoming as a particularly-friendly walrus (yes, we made that last one up.) The point is you’re totally approachable: you thrive in high-interaction environments where you get to collaborate on multiple projects, and you recognize (and appreciate) the value everyone can bring to the table.

In group work, you’re quickly nominated to be “the presenter”, and you own that spotlight, even when you’re nervous, because you just plain LOVE sharing information and ideas. Inclusion comes naturally to you, and “Social” would be your middle name if your parents had let you change it. (You asked in grade 5.)

It’s not a high-school-style popularity thing: you just really value other people in all their diversity, and your projects demonstrate that. Feeding a crowd? You’ve got gluten-free, allergy-friendly, and vegan options at the ready. Hosting a viewing party? You’ve got different seating options for all sorts of bodies. Running a Zoom meeting? You know how to help even the shiest person feel comfortable—and you’ve set up multiple asynchronous feedback options, so EVERYONE can contribute.

In this role, you’ll learn the logistics of planning academic events at Huron and beyond—and since there are two of you, you’ll always have someone to chat and share with. You wouldn’t have it any other way!

Media Assistant - Remote Role

Web/Media Assistant Job Description & Application Instructions (opens in a new window)

You’d help CURL by proposing, composing, designing, and scheduling CURL social media posts and/or articles. You’d also upload and meticulously tag/categorize CURL student work on our WordPress-based archive. We’ll support you with a 1-on-1 supervisor with whom you can develop ideas and share/divide tasks.

If someone asked you to describe yourself in high school using one word, you might flit uncertainly between “nerd” and “artist”. (Then you might land on “nardist” and full-on snort at your own joke.)

Sure, writing is your jam, and you’ve got a great eye for aesthetics, but you can’t deny that your ultimate love is clarity. You notice when one paragraph should’ve been two, when the stock photo on an ad is even slightly misleading, and when lists are categorized less accurately than they should be. Finicky? You prefer to call it perceptive.

This doesn’t mean you’re unfriendly: you just want information to be clear, accessible, and most of all, welcoming. You invite everyone to the information party on error-free, rainbow-laden cards you design yourself (the glitter is non-negotiable.)

Not the super social type? Was your definitive high school experience someone coming into your room and asking, “Are you EVER going to get off that computer?” Totally okay: this is a remote and largely-independent position with bedhead-friendly meetings. (Your supervisor hates mornings too.)

Further Notes

Letter of Interest Tips

CURL exists to serve students, and one of our goals is to create roles where students can enjoy the work, enjoy the team, and gain something useful from their experience. We encourage you to be a “whole human” in your letter of interest, meaning you do not need to be excessively formal, and we invite you, if you’re comfortable, to talk about yourself, your career interests, your ideal work environment, and how your chosen role(s) might fit into your career aspirations. 

Eligible Experience & Additional Materials

Haven’t been hired in this field before? That’s okay! CURL roles are meant to be a learning experience: we welcome you, if you are comfortable, to share ways you’ve developed your skills that occurred outside of formal employment.

Ambassador, did you organize a biweekly art group or campaign to get more vegetarian items in your school cafeteria?

Media Assistant, did you help a friend start an Instagram for their crochet business or build a killer website for your D&D group?

We’d love to hear about it!



Here at CURL, we are working to cultivate a low-stress interview process and employment culture where applicants feel comfortable being themselves. If accommodations during the interview process would reduce barriers for you, or if you would like to inquire about the accommodations that could be made for successful applicants, please contact CURL’s Media and Access Coordinator, Sherri Liska, at sliska@uwo.ca. A paper diagnosis of a disability is not required to access accommodations at CURL.


Equity Statement

As always, CURL values diverse minds: in keeping with Huron’s standards for equity, we are committed to maintaining an environment and culture that challenges oppression and affirms the inherent worth and dignity of all people. We welcome and encourage applications from populations who have experienced exclusion and stigma within academia, including BIPOC, disabled people/people with a disability, neurodivergent people (autism, ADHD, etc.), members of the LGBTQ2SIA+ communities, women, and others.