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The Centre for Undergraduate Research Learning is proud to financially support undergraduate students’ research- and career-related efforts. Learn about our range of awards below!

Research Fellowships - $1500

Get in the driver’s seat of an immersive, paid research project of your own devising. Write a paper, build a website, or even create a comic book—a CURL Faculty Mentor will help you every step of the way!

Research Skills Bursaries - $150

Need a boost to your resumé? Don’t let physical distancing stop you: CURL can support your participation in an online conference or workshop!

SIG Awards

Using an SSHRC Institutional Grant, CURL funds student-faculty research collaborations that include paid training, mentorship, and hands-on research opportunities for students.

Travel Bursaries - $500

CLOSED FOR 2020-21.

Need a boost to your resumé? CURL can support your trip to an academic conference, skill-building workshop, or other research-related event.