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CURL Conferences & Exhibitions

Introducing CURL’s first social media conference!

Huron’s Fall term has moved online, but we can still showcase your fabulous research!

This year’s Fall Exhibition will take place entirely through our Instagram and Twitter social media channels from December 2-4. We invite you to email us the most noteworthy, thought-provoking parts of your research in the form of tweets, images, videos, and even memes.

Learn more here!

CURL proudly hosts two yearly conferences: a half-day CURL Exhibition in the fall and a full-day CURL Undergraduate Research Conference in the spring.

Both of these celebrate research from all disciplines in a variety of formats. Our conferences are packed to the brim with presentations from Huron’s fabulous undergraduate researchers, and our keynote speakers discuss contemporary issues in the field of undergraduate learning. Our Exhibitions have a greater focus on posters & discussion.

Apply for our next conference or check out our past programming below!