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You’re invited to the Prepare to Pitch Workshop series!

Two Huron students with long hair sit at a table in the Library. They are working on their homework and smiling.

Interested in applying to a CURL Fellowship? Curious about CURL itself, or simply looking to learn a new academic skill? Join Librarian Patrick Gavin for a 2-part workshop series on research proposals!

Attend one workshop or both. All are welcome, even if you don’t plan to apply to a Fellowship this year!

Please RSVP to curl@uwo.ca. A pizza lunch is provided at both events!

1: The CURL Fellowship Process

Sept. 20 12-1PM CURL Studio (in the Huron Library)

In this first session, we will provide an overview of the CURL Fellowship and application process. We will touch on a number of important aspects including eligibility criteria, approaching potential faculty mentors, the assessment process, and potential project deliverables. We will also discuss how to brainstorm and refine a potential topic, prepare for the written proposal, and provide examples of past projects. Students at any stage of the process are invited to attend this session, even those who are simply curious about CURL, and those planning for the summer round of fellowships are welcome to attend.

2: Proposal Writing Workshop

Sept. 27 12-1PM CURL Studio (in the Huron Library)

The second session is geared towards students who are looking to refine their applications. Do you have a few final questions that you’d like answered before submitting your proposal? Some blanks to fill in? Come, ask away! Would you like some help polishing your proposal, or some feedback? This is the session for you. We will workshop proposals together, help each other conceptualize and speak to different audiences, and draw out and develop the story (“elevator pitch”) of your proposal.