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Fellowship applications are NOW OPEN!

Learn more on the Fellowships page. Applications close March 15.

Self-directed learning ☑️⁣
One-on-one faculty mentorship ☑️☑️⁣
That sweet, sweet research funding ☑️☑️☑️⁣

Huron students, if you’re looking for an immersive (and super flexible) learning experience, CURL’s $1500 Research Fellowship applications open TODAY!⁣

CURL Fellowships allow you to collaborate closely with a mentor of your choosing on… You guessed it: a project of your choosing! Past Fellows have examined the commodification of water, the history of Palestinian embroidery, and poetry as it relates to queer resilience…and a TON of other interesting topics.⁣

A Fellowship is YOUR unique project: you determine how best to share your research results. Will you create infographics? A community event? A formal research paper? A hand-drawn zine?⁣

If you’re not ready, don’t fret: apps are open ’til Mar 15 (and we do this every year!)⁣

The best part? ALL current Huron Major or Minor students are eligible. We have no grade or course load requirements. ⁣

Learn more on the Fellowships page! As always, we welcome your questions at curl@uwo.ca.