Research Fellowships – $1500

COVID-19 CURL Research Fellowship Notice

The campus response to COVID-19 impacts CURL programming. We are working to serve students the best we can during this time.

CURL Fellowship applications remain open. Fellowship plans involving travel or human participants will still be considered but should include a contingency plan to complete the project in the event that research cannot be carried out. We have extended the Fellowship application due date to noon on March 31 to allow students and their professors extra time to alter their proposals.

CURL Researchers should note that any research requiring face-to-face in-person contact with human participants (e.g., data collection/testing, focus groups, interviews) is now suspended until further notice. If you are conducting online surveys or virtual meetings/interviews that do not require face-to-face interaction, this form of data collection may still proceed. All other standard research protocols and approval processes are still in effect.⁣

Current CURL Fellows and faculty mentors are reminded to check in with each other and to establish plans to ensure the project can be completed, including on an extended timeline as necessary.

We regret any stress caused by these sudden changes, and we are here for you. If you have any questions, please contact us at!

A student stares at a bulletin board covered in ideas.Have a community problem you’d like to help solve? An ethical dilemma you’d like to explore? An intriguing research idea you simply don’t have the means to pursue?

CURL’s Student Research Fellowships support students’ independent research endeavours by providing $1500 of funding and free mentorship with a CURL Faculty Associate at Huron. This funding may be used to allow students to access resources that they may otherwise not have been able to afford (e.g: computer programs, printing costs) and to reduce the need for a part-time job while students complete important scholarly research.

CURL celebrates all types of researchers and values research that is widely accessible. Your Fellowship could produce a research paper, a documentary, a website, a local event, or even a comic book!


Faculty Mentor Information

At least 2 weeks before applying, but ideally earlier, obtain a CURL Faculty Mentor whose field of expertise is relevant to your project idea. You can ask your favourite professor or email us at to get a match!

The student applicant AND the CURL Faculty Mentor must submit separate applications. These applications will have the same due date.


All students currently enrolled in a Major or Minor program at Huron University College are eligible. There are no grade or course load requirements.

Research projects from all disciplines will be considered, but priority will be given to interdisciplinary projects and/or projects that describe innovative methodology or learning outcomes. Necessary coursework is not eligible for this award, but extension and mobilization of past coursework is.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the research period, winners are asked to submit a report (or documentary, or website, etc.) containing their research and a reflection outlining their Fellowship experience. For school year Fellowships, the due date is April 30; for summer Fellowships, the due date is August 30. Please see the Rules

Example Projects
  • Research related to a leadership role in community events (e.g: exhibitions, workshops, conferences, etc.)
  • Creation and dissemination of materials for a specific, research-related cause (e.g: websites, brochures, information booklets)
  • Examining the efficacy and potential application of non-local policies, pedagogies, and programs locally (or vice versa)
  • Exploring a local or contemporary ethical issue through video interviews with affected persons
  • Expansion and publication of research-based coursework (e.g: expanding the scope of an essay, going into greater detail, and widening the audience by translating it and publishing it online). Please note that the school assignments themselves or other academic requirements are NOT eligible to receive CURL awards.
  • And more!

If you’re unsure whether your project would be eligible, please send a brief summary to!

Student Application

OPEN for Summer Fellowships. Applications are due March 31!

Mentor Application

OPEN for Summer Fellowships. Applications are due March 31!

Rules and Instructions

See the rubric, report guidelines, and more!


Preparation Form

View the application questions and prepare your answers.