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DEADLINE EXTENDED: Applications are due by midnight on October 12. Application instructions can be found below each job title on this page.

Sadly, we can’t fix the job market…

…But we can alleviate some of the crushing despair: CURL IS HIRING!

We’ve got two positions open for the 2021-22 school year, and like all of your favourite superhero team members, they’re total opposites. (Disclaimer: with the exception of cringey-cool catch phrases, please do not do Superhero Things™ on the job.)

Job #1: The Student Ambassador

Student Ambassador Job Description & Application Instructions

You’d help CURL by developing events and presentations that share our services with students, and you’d collect their feedback so we can serve them better next year. We’ll support your endeavours with event recruitment, faculty connections, and ads!

You’re a confident smooth-talker, but you’re still totally approachable. You thrive in high-interaction environments where you get to collaborate and help lead many small projects.

In group work, you’re quickly assigned to be “the presenter”, and the spotlight doesn’t scare you one bit: you’re chill, friendly, and you LOVE sharing information and ideas. Inclusion comes naturally to you, and “Social” would be your middle name if your parents had let you change it (you asked in grade 5.)

Job #2: The Digital Archivist

Digital Archivist Job Description & Application Instructions

You’d help CURL by co-developing and maintaining a WordPress website archiving CURL student work. We’ll support you with a one-on-one, completely online supervisor who knows the web design ropes!

You’re self-driven, independent, and detailed (maybe even a little regimented). Sure, you’re co-operative and friendly when it counts, but ultimately, you thrive in lower-interaction environments where you can devote your attention to fewer, larger projects—after all, your projects are your baby, and you focus best when there aren’t a million OTHER screaming babies around.

Tech comes naturally to you, so you pick up new software and navigate new websites in a flash. You’re a self-proclaimed geek looking for a job that shields you from the question, “Are you EVER going to get off that computer?” (No. The answer is no.)

Further Notes

Given that the pandemic has proooobably threw a wrench into last year’s employment plans (and because we’re just pretty into equitable hiring practices), we welcome you, if you are comfortable, to share ways you’ve developed your skills that weren’t in formal employment.

Ambassador, did you organize a biweekly art group or campaign to get more vegetarian items in your school cafeteria?

Archivist, did you create a killer website for your roleplaying group or systematically compile all the equipment stats for the wiki of your favourite game?

We’d love to hear about it!