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Now Hiring Two Research Assistants With Dr. Palaisti!

Dr. Marina Palaisti is seeking two Research Assistants! Read on for more information on the position!

Have you ever wondered why is there so much prejudice around math? Have you asked yourself
how pre-existing stereotypes and taboos affect one’s view of math? Are you enthusiastic about
seeking answers and excited to be part of a research group of diverse disciplines?

Two part-time student Research Assistant positions available to conduct research in the topic
“Why do I hate math? More exploration of stereotypes in a math classroom” under the supervision
of Dr. Palaisti. Duties would include conducting bibliographical research, seeking innovative ways
to think of established problems, executing and implementing the research plan and participating
in group meetings.

Preferred Qualifications


– Must be registered at Huron University College as an undergraduate student in a minimum
60% course load (40% course load for students with disabilities)
– Must have interest in humanities/social sciences and knowledge of psychology, political
science, sociology or similar fields
– Must have enrolled or currently be enrolled in a math course

Skills, Abilities & Expertise:

– Enthusiastic and passionate about the research topic
– Excellent communication skills
– Ability to comprehend research papers in a small amount of time
– Ability to organize time, meet deadlines, and communicate barriers
– Ability to work independently and effectively as a member of the team to achieve goals
– Personable and courteous in working relationships
– Experience conducting and/or supporting research in the humanities or social sciences
would be considered an asset

Please forward a letter of interest, a resume, and the name of one potential academic and/or
professional reference to: Marina Palaisti (mpalaist@uwo.ca) with subject line “RA application –
Full name”.

Applications are due October 4, 2021.