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Travel Bursaries – $500

Notice: Travel Bursaries will be changing soon!

By the beginning of October, CURL’s Travel Bursaries and Research Skills Bursaries will be combined into one collective bursary called the CURL Student Bursary. This bursary will support a broad range of research-related and skill-building events that occur in-person or online. The application process will be the same.

Travel Bursary and Research Skill Bursary applications will remain open for the time being, and we will update students via Instagram and Twitter when the CURL Student Bursary is open.

Please contact us at curl@uwo.ca if you have any questions!

An image of a yellow streetcar driving by a building, representing CURL's Travel Bursaries.

Do you have an research project you’re ready to present to an audience? Are you longing for practical skills and training in your field?

CURL Travel Bursaries support Huron students in traveling to conferences, workshops, and other events that foster their academic and career skills. Winners receive a cheque of up to $500 to be used towards transportation, registration, housing, etc. during their trip.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis from May 1 to March 30 of every academic year (i.e., all year except for the month of April.) The supported travel can occur at any time during the calendar year!

Travel Bursary Application

Travel Bursary applications are OPEN from May 1-March 30 each year.

Rules & Instructions

See the policy and reflection guidelines. Your application will go swimmingly! (pdf)

Travel Bursary Winners

Explore selected reflections about research, skill-building, and volunteering from past winners.