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Fill out the CURL Year-End Survey!

CURL Year-End Qualtrics Survey

There’s no CURL without students.⁠

YOU complete incredible Fellowship projects. YOU find bursary-worthy opportunities to foster your academic development. YOU bring your curiosity and enthusiasm to our workshops. YOU fill our conferences with research that’s innovative, valuable, and fun!⁠

This means that if we aren’t supporting students like you in every way we can, we aren’t doing our jobs. Your values, strengths, and struggles matter to us.⁠

We want to hear from you: is our programming accessible? Appealing? Worthwhile? What can we do to make you join us if you’re on the fence—and enjoy what we offer if you’re already in?⁠

We’ve created an ANONYMOUS survey so you can help us be the best we can be, and we’d be so grateful for your feedback.