Upper-year courses

History program students can look forward to exciting upper-level courses on specialised topics with global reach and import. We’re working hard to bring hands-on History experience and community engagement to our upper-year students, and to keep you connected to our research networks through course projects using local, national, and specialised archives..

If you are in your 3rd year of a History program be sure to register for History 3801E The Historian’s Craft.

Questions about your History courses or program? Contact Dr. Nina Reid-Maroney nreidmar@uwo.ca

New Seminar: His 4296G Canadian Art History

This special topics seminar taught by Dr. Sonia Halpern investigates crucial themes in Canadian history: issues of colonialism, nationalism, and regionalism; immigration; European and American relations; patriarchal systems; Indigenous issues; and other issues pertinent to questions of Canadian identity. By examining stylistic movements, the formation of artistic groups and institutions, and the aesthetic priorities of individual artists, students will learn about larger trends and events in Canadian history.

Upper-year courses

HIS 3201E – First Peoples and Colonialism
HIS 3410F – Sex, Books and Violence
HIS 3801E – The Historian’s Craft 
HIS 4296G – Selected Topics in Canadian History
HIS 4422F – London UK: Crime and Disorder
HIS 4606F – Sex, Law, and Society in Imperial China
HIS 4802G – Masculinity and Modern History