2023-24 Course offerings!

HIS 1606F – China: Current Issues in Historical Context

HIS 1808G – Powerful Words: Global History Through Key Sources

HIS 1815G – Histories of Love

HIS 1817G – History in the Headlines

HIS 1818F – Treasure: Objects of Desire in Global History

HIS 1818G – Treasure: Objects of Desire in Global History

HIS 1819F – Monsters: A Human History

HIS 2204G – Crises and Confederation: The Making of Modern Canada

HIS 2302G – American Modern: The United States in the Twentieth Century

HIS 2413E – Europe and the Paradoxes of Modernity

HIS 2420G – Britain During World War II

HIS 2603E – China: Tradition and Transformation

HIS 2709F – Race, Rights, and Revolution: The Atlantic World in the Eighteenth Century

HIS 2710F – Red, White, Black et Blancs: The Americas to 1867

HIS 2712F – Tyrants: Historical Profiles in Oppression and Resistance

HIS 2714G – Merchants of Empire: The First Global Corporations

HIS 2801G – History Wars

HIS 2822F – Jewish History from the Spanish Expulsion to the Modern Era

HIS 3230F – Digital Disruptions: Using Digital Tools to Learn Mi’kmaw and Acadian Histories

HIS 3311F – Slavery and Freedom: African-American History, 1600-1896

HIS 3416G – The Holocaust

HIS 3706E – Political Assassinations, 1900-2000

HIS 3801E – The Historian’s Craft

HIS 4796F – Selected Topics in International or Comparative History

HIS 4802G – Masculinity and Modern History

HIS 4804G – Murder: Social and Legal History

HIS 4810F – Making History Matter to the Public: Practicing Active History

HIS 4903E – Senior Thesis