2019-20 Travel News!

HISTORY at HURON on the road, 2019-20

Huron History program students in Dr. Jun Fang’s 4605E War and Memory in East Asia are invited to apply for a February 2020 Reading Week Study Trip in Hong Kong. Most of the travel costs for the trip will be covered for participating Huron students thanks to the generous support of the W. Galen Weston Fund. The trip is not a course requirement, so you are free to register in the course even if you do not intend to apply to travel. Priority for travel will be given to 3rd and 4th-year Huron students enrolled in a Huron Honours History program.  If you are interested in applying to go on the War and Memory trip, please get in touch with Dr. Fang !

Great Lakes Borderlands Field School:  Plans underway for October (date to be confirmed–you’ll hear more about the trip in HIST 2710F; HIST 2813F, HIST 3801E, and HIST 4202F). The costs for the Great Lakes/Oberlin trip (travel and accommodation) will be covered by the History Department. There are new projects afoot, and if you have already been to Oberlin you are welcome to return as part of another class.