The research on these pages has been made possible through the John and Gail MacNaughton Prize for Excellence in Teaching and produced by the students of History 3801: The Historian’s Craft and History 4202: Confronting Colonialism: Spencer Banfield, Alexander De Vos, Russell Handelman, Thora Gustafsson, Jay Hebert, Elizabeth Hinds, Amy Levin, Hannah Maitland, Timur Malik, David Martin, Ava Olds, Beth Parkes, Malcolm Pennell, Maria Petrou, Nick Ratavicius, Samuel Robins, Andrea Tonkovic and Greg Youmans. Thanks to John Lutman of the Diocese of Huron Archives, Jennifer Robinson, Colleen Burgess and Ryan Rabie from the Huron University College Library, and Tom Belton from Western Libraries. Emily Abbott, Scott Cameron and Malcolm Pennell have worked as research and editorial assistants on the project.