History is all around us and its meaning changes and evolves with time and experience.

Some histories are well known because they tell us something about our large communities, usually those with governments, such nation-states, provinces, and municipalities. Scholars interested in how we interact with the past, though, point out that it is often more local and personal histories that resonate with us as individuals, local communities, or families.

The Hidden Histories project seeks to make these lesser known histories more visible and to bring them into conversation with broader historical trends, present-day issues, and our hopes for the future. At the heart of this project are Hidden History sites, and heritage plaques, submitted by people like you.

The map above shows places that represent people or events in southwestern Ontario that someone felt are important for understanding this region. Click on it to be taken to an interactive version.

You can submit a Hidden History by completing the form here. The map also includes museums and archives that help interpret southwestern Ontario’s history. You can turn on this layer of the map up in the right hand corner.

Finally, to promote the Hidden Histories of southwestern Ontario, project director Thomas Peace has been meeting with CBC’s Colin Butler each week onĀ Afternoon Drive to share some of the interesting histories found on the map. Click on each map to listen to a segment of this series.

Click here for resources mentioned during one of the segments

Fighting Island – Feb 27 2024


Same-Sex Rights – Feb 20 2024


Earl Plunkett – February 13 2024


Ingersoll’s Black Histories with Heather Rennalls – February 7 2024


Tony Small – January 30 2024


Munsee-Delaware – January 23 2024


Port Talbot – January 16 2024


Wilberforce Settlement – January 9 2024


Maxwell Commune – January 2 2024


Eatons – December 19 2023


Dawn of Tomorrow – December 12 2023


Imperial Oil – December 5 2023


Edison and Disney – November 29 2023

Resources mentioned during one of the segments

January 23 2024 – Munsee Delaware Place Names