About the Project

Phantoms of the Past: Slavery, Resistance, and Memory in the Atlantic World is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Huron University College (History and English/Cultural Studies), and Bath Spa University (History and English). The project places undergraduate student researchers, faculty, and community scholars at the center of new transatlantic network that examines 18th and 19th-century slavery and antislavery through histories, texts, images, and cultural memory.  

 Our research questions: 

How are interconnected histories of transatlantic slavery and antislavery remembered, forgotten, commemorated, and ignored? What are slavery’s sites of memory, and how does the meaning of memory shift over time? How can our research on slavery, history, and “sites of memory” shape our understanding of race, identity and freedom in contemporary Canada and Britain?

In 2016-17, the project was supported through the W. Galen Weston Fund for British History at Huron; a Huron Pilot Research Fund grant held by Drs. Amy Bell, Neil Brooks and Nina Reid-Maroney; the RBC Foundation and the Trish Fulton Community-Based Learning Fund at Huron; and by Bath Spa University.


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