Call for Applications 2018-19

Phantoms of the Past: Slavery, Resistance, and Memory in the Atlantic World is an exciting project for English and History students at Huron, and colleagues at Bath Spa University in the UK. Through the project, undergraduate student researchers at Huron and Bath Spa will create a transatlantic and collaborative network to explore 18th and 19th-century slavery and antislavery movements through histories, texts, images, and cultural memory.  In 2018-19, our research is focused on the figure of the Reverend Josiah Henson (1789-1883) and the rich but underexplored materials centred on Henson’s life, autobiographical narratives, literary fame, abolitionist work, transatlantic influence, and living memory in Canada, the United States, and Britain.

Selected students will have the option to participate in a week-long research exchange visit to the partner university during reading week. Most costs for the trip to England will be covered through the support of research and teaching grants at Huron, and the support of Bath Spa University. Students who participate in the trip will make a contribution of $400-500 and will be responsible for purchasing their own food while in England.

There are many ways to be a part of this amazing project even if you cannot go on the research trip to the UK, and all participants in the project will host our UK student colleagues at a wrap-up conference on March 21, 2019.  Students working on Phantoms-related research projects (including those not participating in the trip to Bath Spa) are eligible and encouraged to participate in additional Phantoms travel for field work, including travel to Oberlin College on November 1-2, and local travel to African Canadian history sites in March with our Bath Spa colleagues.

For ENGLISH STUDENTS: Students in years 3 and 4 of Honors English modules who would like to apply to participate should send

  1. A 300-word statement that outlines your research interest in the project, and the project’s elationship to your current studies at Huron and further interests. For English students this proposal will take the form of an analysis of how literature informs and deflects the conversations about slavery and race.  In the course attached to the project we will read two main novels Uncle Tom’s Cabin and The Book of Negroes and several critical works.  One article that might be valuable informing any application is Pierre Nora’s “Between Memory and History. ” Bibliographical information for it and other works can be found on the Phantoms website. 
  1. A copy of your academic record.

For HISTORY STUDENTS: Students in years 3 and 4 of Honors History modules who would like to apply to participate should send

  1. A 300-word proposal that briefly outlines your interest in the project, the historiographical background to the research you’d like to pursue, and the research outcomes you envision for the project.  Proposals for digital history and multimedia projects are welcome. Phantoms History students should be registered for 2018-19 in at least one Phantoms-focused History course (3801E; 4307F; 3313G) and are encouraged to discuss the project application with Dr. Bell (HIST 3801E) or Dr. Reid-Maroney (HIST 4307F/HIST 3313G) in advance of submitting the proposal.  A reading list for the project can be found here: 
  2. A copy of your academic record.

Priority will be given to applicants in their final two years of study at Huron University College.  In evaluating applications we will consider both 1) how well the project fits with other proposals and the project goals and 2) past academic performance.  Please ensure that completed applications reach Dr. Brooks Dr. Bell or Dr. Reid-Maroney nreidmar@huron, by August 31, 2018.