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Management and Organizational Studies at Huron: Case Studies

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Friendlier: Growth in Re-Use

In summer 2022, Shivansh Skuta reviewed the seed funding valuation of the reusable food container company: A Friendlier Company Inc. (Friendlier), presented by co-founders Jacquie Hutchings and Kayli Dale. Skuta was a seasoned investor in young start-up companies and had offered to review the request for seed funding before Friendlier sought out other investors. Skuta was one of the initial investors in Friendlier and believed in its circular economy and sustainability-focused business model, but they wanted to ensure that the ask for other investors was appropriate based on the company’s projected financial position.

Author: Richie Bloomfield, Huron at Western

Nuts for Cheese: US Expansion?

It was late in the fiscal year and Margaret Coons, founder and chief executive officer of Nuts For Cheese (N4C), was enjoying a vegan charcuterie board adorned with her own products. As she ate, she was reminded of a conversation earlier in the day with her strategic advisors about their growth strategy. The big question: Should N4C focus on only a handful of products and expand geographically, or was this the time to innovate and launch new vegan dairy replacement products? If the right answer was innovation, then which new products made the most sense?

Author: Richie Bloomfield, Huron at Western

Three Companies Out of Cash

On November 17th, 2021, Miriam Keita manager of the South African Small Business Foundation (SASBF) was set to hold three meetings with small to medium sized business owners who were seeking government grants of $25,000 to continue their respective firms that were in poor cash flow situations.

Author: Alexander Miller, Huron at Western