Census database, c. 1860

Using the baptismal and marriage records of Old St. Paul’s (Christ Church after 1860), we compiled a preliminary list of Black members of the congregation, and linked the names on the list to the manuscript census records for Chatham, in 1861. Click on a name to see the image of the record, available through the Library and Archives Canada website.

The list provides a detailed snapshot of Black participation in the life of the congregation, and establishes the link between the congregation and prominent Black abolitionists on the eve of the American Civil War.

Black members of the Old St. Paul’s/Christ Church congregation (circa 1860)

O.P Anderson

Sarah A. Armstrong

Thomas Bell

Anna Elizabeth Bell

James Cain

James H. Charity

Mary Louisa Charity

Celeste Charity

Josephine Charity

Georgianna (Georgetta) Charity
Emma August Charity

James Wellington Charity

Caroline Charity

Lucy S. Day

Florence Nightingale Day

Martin B. Delany

Toussaint L’Ouverture Delany

Charles Lennox Richmond Delany

Alexander Dumas Delany

St. Cyprian Delany

F. S. Delany

JW Hall

Catherine Hall

Tambon Hall

Esther A Hall

Josephine Hall

Ben F. Hall

Francis J. Hall

Jane E. Hall

Richard A. Hall

Elizabeth S. Hall

Fanny Hall

James Hadley

James Henry Harris

William Levere

Thomas A. Pinckney

Elizabeth S. Pinckney

William Randall

Laura Randall

Cynthia Randall

Garrison Shadd

Isaac D. Shadd

Amelia Freeman Shadd

George W. Smith

Mary J. Smith

Susan Smith
Jenett Smith

Nathaniel Smith

Lavinia Smith

Melissa Jane Smith

Rovalin Smith

George H. Smith

John Sparks

Jane M.W. Sparks

Francis A. Sparks

Thomas J. White

Emma White

Elizabeth A. White

Alfred Whipper

William H. Wilson

Rosetta Wilson

Charles Wilson

E.B. Wilson

Mary J. Wilson

Ximena Wilson