2015 Sites of Memory Video Diaries: A Phantoms Pilot Project

How are histories of slavery and resistance commemorated, remembered, forgotten, erased, and interpreted in public spaces and places? Ten History students at Bath Spa University and Huron set out to address this research question by creating video diaries focused on a local place or object that serves as a “site of memory” for the history of slavery and resistance. Scroll down to see their research and read reflections on the project.

Bath Spa University

Bath Royal Theatre

Reflection here


Reflection here

Huron University College

African Free School

created by Luke Alexander-Grose. Reflection here

Montgomery Bus Boycott

created by Hannah Badcock. Reflection here

Josiah Henson’s Memorial Stone

created by Robyn Chanter. Reflection here

Wilberforce Settlement

created by Mark Gazdic.

The Buxton Bell

created by Ian Likuski. Reflection here

Blackburn Historical Site

created by Cecily MacKnight. Reflection here

Oberlin College

created by Timur Malik

John Graves Simcoe

created by Bailey Marques. Reflection here