Course Offerings, 2021-22

Tentative List of Course Offerings for 2021-22

1800F The People’s Histories

1808G A Few Words that Made the Modern World  NEW!

1815F Histories of Love

1816G Histories of Violence

1817F History in the Headlines

1818G Treasure: Objects of Desire

2125F Northern Enterprise

2127G In Search of Canada

2204G Crises and Confederation: Making of Modern Canada

2302F American Modern: The United States, 1865-present

2413E Paradoxes of Modernity

2604G European Imperialism in Africa

2615G Chinese Women’s Biography

2702E Ten Days that Shook the World

2710F Red, White, Black et Blanc: Early North America

2712G Tyrants: Profiles in Oppression

2813F Making Waves: History of Women’s Activism

2822F Jewish History

3311G Slavery and Emancipation

3410F British Empire: Sex, Books, and Violence

3615F Crime and Punishment in Imperial China

3801E Historian’s Craft

3812G Historical Fantasies  NEW!

4202F Land, Literacies and Learning

4713G Spiritualism NEW!

4702G European Imperialism  NEW!

4810F Engaging the Past: Making Historical Documentaries  NEW!