(Tentative) Course Offerings, 2020-21

Tentative List of Course Offerings for 2020-21 

1800F The People’s Histories
1815F Histories of Love
1816G Histories of Violence
1817F History in the Headlines
1818G Treasure: Objects of Desire

2125F Northern Enterprise
2127G In Search of Canada
2204G Crises and Confederation: Making of Modern Canada
2302G American Modern: The United States, 1865-present
2602G Pre-colonial Africa
2603E China: Tradition and Transformation
2610G Women in East Asia
2701E Patterns and Perspectives in Global History
2710F Red, White, Black et Blanc: Early North America
2811F Historians, Communities and the Past
2709F Race, Rights, and Revolution: The Atlantic World in the 18th Century
2821F Jewish History

3201E First Peoples and Colonialism in Canada
3410F British Empire: Sex, Books, and Violence
3801E Historian’s Craft

4296G Special topics: Art and Canadian History
4606F Sex, Law and Society in Imperial China
4422G London, UK: Crime and Disorder
4802F Masculinity in Modern History