Phantoms of the Past 2018-19.

We’re back. 

The transatlantic research collaboration between students and faculty at Huron University College and Bath Spa University is back for the academic year, 2018-19.

Working with local communities on both sides of the Atlantic, our project asks: how are interconnected narratives of transatlantic slavery and antislavery remembered, forgotten, commemorated, and ignored? What are slavery’s sites of memory–fiction, slave narratives, photographs, manuscripts, genealogies, community histories and landscapes–and how does the meaning of memory shift over time? How can our interdisciplinary research on slavery, history, and “sites of memory” shape our understanding of race, identity and freedom in contemporary Canada and Britain? As a way into this complex set of questions, we will focus on the figure of the Reverend Josiah Henson, and the rich but underexplored materials centred on Henson’s life, autobiographical narratives, literary fame, abolitionist work, transatlantic influence, and living memory in Canada, the United States, and Britain.

Click here for the Call for Applications, 2018-19.