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Scott Schofield

Picture of Scott SchofieldScott Schofield is Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Cultural Studies at Huron University College. An Early Modern scholar, with expertise in Book History and the Digital Humanities, his research focuses primarily on historical and current reading practices.

In 2016, he was Lead Curator for a collaboratively-produced, Shakespeare 400 exhibition in Toronto, an event that saw the installation of more than eighty rare books, manuscripts, and other media at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. One of his two chapters from the exhibition catalogue, entitled “So Long Lives This”: A Celebration of Shakespeare’s Life and Works 1616-2016,” explored the ways in which Shakespeare interacted with manuscript, print and other textual forms. This interest in earlier textual practices also informs Schofield’s work on reading in digital environments. Recent publications, for example, have explored how Renaissance approaches to note-taking and page design can be used to inform the building of digital platforms for Humanities’ scholars.

In 2017, Schofield will continue to engage in similar research as he serves as respondent for the seminar on “Material Texts and Digital Embodiments” at the Shakespeare Association of America, in Atlanta, and as lead for “Inherited Innovation: Reflecting on the Book in the Digital Age” at Rare Book School at the University of Otago in Southern New Zealand.


Email: sschofi4@huron.uwo.ca

Office Tel.: 519-438-7224 x221