Research Fellowship Winners


The Centre for Undergraduate Research Learning at Huron is proud to display the achievements of its Student Fellowship winners.

Fellowship Grants provide students with an opportunity to take leadership of an independent research project under the mentorship and guidance of a CURL Faculty Associate at Huron. This $1500 award is given in recognition of the design of an excellent research proposal and promise of productive scholarship.


2018 Summer Fellowship Winners

Meet Brandon!

Brandon used  memorials of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the issues these memorials have faced as a framework for examining the relatively recent and still-evolving memorials of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

Meet Owen and Paul!
Owen Chevalier and Paul Giulietti seek to develop a standardized inventory that future bullying researchers could use to assess and study bullying.


2017-18 School Year Fellowship Winners

Meet Emma!
Rooted in public history, Emma Comber’s project examines the establishment of female statues and monuments in Montreal, Québec.


2017 Summer Fellowship Winners

Meet Taylor!
Taylor Trelford’s project seeks to determine which factors of Facebook behaviour affect romantic relationship satisfaction in young adults.

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Meet Duncan!
Duncan Purssell’s project, as a response to the effects Canada’s increasing urbanization has on poverty in rural areas, seeks to determine what rural municipal governments are doing and can do to increase their population and development.

Meet Sean!
Sean Yauk’s project seeks to catalogue and analyze cultural, historical, and infrastructural reasons why musical theatre has bloomed in Toronto with so much excitement and success.

 Meet Ruth! 
Ruth’s project analyses community and individual responses to Canada’s points-based immigration system, as well as the problem of inoperative foreign credentials.

2016-17 School Year Fellowship Winners

A profile picture of Emily.
Meet Emily!
Emily’s project examines the ethical and legal implications of 3D technologies for public history and heritage.

Meet Hannah!
Hannah’s project takes a look at histories of transatlantic slavery and resistance in collaboration with the Huron “Phantoms of the Past” project.
Headshot of Robin

Meet Robin!
Robin’s project analyses the processes of social inclusion and exclusion in both online and in-person social interactions.

Meet Dylan!
Dylan’s project examines the public’s relationship to the commodification of water.