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Neil Orford

January 17, 2018

RE: Statement of Partnership between N. Orford (100the Anniversary of the Spanish Flu Pandemic in Canada 2018-19 project) and  CURL

The Centre for Undergraduate Research Learning (CURL) and the Department of History at Huron University College are pleased to announce our partnership with Mr. Neil Orford, founder of Canadian Historical Education Services Ltd. (www.canhist.ca) on his project commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Spanish Flu Pandemic in Canada 2018-19. The project is funded by the federal Ministry of Canadian Heritage and major public and private partners across Canada.

This commemorative project will introduce CURL and the broader Huron community to the award-winning “Digital Historian Project” ™ research model being used by secondary students across Canada who participate in our Platform being designed and available at: www.DefiningMomentsCanada.ca, and the French Language website www.momentsdéterminantscanada.ca . As a CURL Community Associate partner, Neil and his team will be able to take advantage of Huron’s many learning resources, academic experts and undergraduate researchers. We look forward to working with Neil and his team to develop research opportunities for Huron students to participate in this exciting public history project, building on History at Huron’s commitment to community engagement, and supporting the goals of Huron’s Joint Minor in Public History.

Huron’s faculty are leaders in demonstrating strategic engagement in interdisciplinary research with undergraduate students. CURL is comprised of a network of faculty, staff, students, and community partners united to support high impact research learning experiences at Huron.

CURL coordinates, assesses, and celebrates faculty-student research collaborations and other immersive research-learning opportunities, develops and promotes curricula and models for mentoring, and facilitates reflection on the nature of research learning. CURL is dedicated to offering support for: collaborative research experiences between students and faculty, nurturing research and analytical skills through professional development, and fostering knowledge mobilization of liberal arts research conducted at Huron. Connecting with local and global partners, CURL strengthens a learning community committed to enhancing undergraduate research opportunities both inside and beyond the classroom. CURL is a destination to harbour and financially support students’ goals through mentorship and research.

To see the full press release, please see CURL Orford Partnership Statement