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Meet Hannah Maitland

Hannah Maitland is enrolled with the History Department at Huron University College.

Mentored by Dr. Nina Reid-Maroney and Community Associate Dr. Olivette Otele from Bath-Spa University, Hannah will be examining histories of transatlantic slavery and resistance in collaboration with the Huron “Phantoms of the Past” project.

See the project website here!

Slavery, Resistance, Memory

“The Phantoms of the Past: Slavery, Resistance, and Memory in the Atlantic World” explores the transatlantic histories of slavery and antislavery movements through texts, cultural memory, architecture, and other mediums. My own research project will explore public sites of memory and how they are (or are not) remembered and understood. This project grew out of a similar class project with Dr.Reid-Maroney where we made video diaries exploring sites of memory. Those video diaries and ones from Bath-Spa students can be found here.