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Past CURL Workshop: Critical Reflection

Reflection is a means of encouraging deeper and richer understandings during the learning process.

A group of Huron students, faculty, and staff came together on Thursday, November 16th to foster a better understanding and best practices of critical reflection. CURL would like to thank everyone who participated and shared their learning at this workshop.

Critical reflection allows teachers and learners to engage in purposeful thinking which can explore complex problems, anticipate outcomes, and gain clarification. During this workshop faculty and students will be engaged in discussing critical reflection practice as well as assessing ways of incorporating self-reflective practices into their own professional and personal development.

To learn more about learning through reflection, please click on and review the following resources:

Guide for Busy Academics: Learning through reflection   |   Using Reflection for Assessment

students reviewing notes at a table  two professors working together  adults having a round table discussion