CURL Feature: Aruna Dutt

We’re starting the new year off right by celebrating Huron students’ awesome achievements!

Aruna Dutt is a graduate of Huron’s Development Studies program, of which a major focus is the reality of poverty around the world. During her undergrad, she worked as a correspondent intern at the United Nations, where she improved her storytelling through writing.

In her final year, the power and impact of video storytelling inspired Aruna to collaborate with the London Poverty Research Centre in creating “The New Normal,” a documentary exploring precarious work in London, Ontario.

In addition to providing context about London’s unstable job market, Aruna and the LPRC wanted to place human stories at the forefront. The documentary integrates research Aruna’s CURL Fellowship research and LPRC survey findings with interviews featuring 15 Londoners who share their struggles and the impact of insecure work on their daily lives.

“The New Normal” mobilizes knowledge about precarious work to expose this important social issue to the general public. Aruna hopes she’s inspired viewers to propose solutions, as well as to engage in advocacy and action that moves solutions forward.

“The New Normal” has been screened at Innovation Works and in the Huron Library as part of the 2018 CURL Exhibition. Aruna is on track to launching the website in the new year. Awesome work, Aruna!


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