This undergraduate research project helps to document the antislavery connections in the Great Lakes region, and is part of the course work in History 2301E 2016-17 and History 3801E 2017-18 and 2018-19 at Huron University College.

As Canadians, it is sometimes easy for us to regard the system of racial slavery as something that happened a long time ago, in places far from us. But racial slavery was an institution in the Canadas. Canada also held an important place in the transatlantic movement against slavery.  By focusing on black abolitionist communities in Canada West, and their connections to antislavery movements in the United States and across the Atlantic world, our class projects seek to place the discussion of American racial slavery and American movements for racial justice in a global framework, while exploring that global movement through local history.

The projects involve work with community partners who participate in the process, and share an interest in the outcome of our research. The class projects provide the opportunity to conduct archival research, to use printed primary sources, and to explore the historiography of slavery and antislavery. They also provide an introduction to the emerging fields of public history and digital history.